Foxy Lady Eng Sub

Foxy Lady Eng Sub
Japanese Title:
Koi Maguwai: Boukyaku no Youko

English Title:
Foxy Lady

The Forgotten Phantom Fox

In olden times Ginko works in the red light district of Yoshibara. The customers are highly satisfied with her erotic services and only her regular customers notice that her appearance does not change over time. In her current job, it is very easy for Ginko to take the life force she needs from her customers in such small quantities that nobody notices it. One day she recognizes a very familiar smell. It is Yuujirou, the first person she met and the man who saved her on a rainy night when she was a young silver fox in the forest. They both grew up together from then on and even when she revealed herself as a fox spirit, he continued to treat her like family. Since her urge to steal people’s life force sometimes became almost uncontrollable, she decided to leave Yuujirou. He should not be harmed if she loses control over herself. After many years he now stands in front of her as a travelling merchant and he has not forgotten her in all these years. Out of love and gratitude, Ginko decides to treat Yuujirou to the best service she can think of, especially as their love is still mutual …

Adult, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance

Fall 2014


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Episode 1 Eng Sub: TBA