Furifure 2 Eng Sub

Furifure 2 Eng Sub
Japanese Title:
Furifure 2

High-school student Sumire received a nice little hint from her friend Miki about a website where young women offer erotic services for a certain compensation. Unbeknownst to Miki, Sumire is quite happy about this, as she currently finds herself in great financial difficulties and can no longer pay her rent on time, because her uncle refuses her any support. Until her mother’s death, Sumire could always be sure of the support from her mother.

Her first client is the young Kaito, who, as she later realizes, is a junior teacher at her school. After their second meeting, he tells her that he is her biological brother. In spite of this surprising statement, Sumire quickly regains her composure, particularly as this role play can fetch her a higher compensation—furthermore, she has thus won a financially dependable regular client. As far as she knows, she never had a brother anyway, although …


Winter 2018


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