Gleipnir Eng Sub

Gleipnir Eng Sub

Japanese Title:
Gleipnir Eng Sub

English Title:
Gleipnir Eng Sub

German Title:
Gleipnir Eng Sub

Shuichi Kagaya is an ordinary student until he learns he can transform into a monstrous dog with a revolver and a zipper down his back. Unsure where his powers have come from and whom to trust, he risks it all to save a beautiful classmate named Claire. He learns he’s not the only one with a secret; she wants to use his monster’s powers—no matter how brutal the violence or bloody the action.

Action, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, School, Seinen, Superpower

Spring 2020


All episodes as a stream:

Episode 1 Eng Sub: Something Inside of Me

Episode 2 Eng Sub: What It Means to Be Empty

Episode 3 Eng Sub: Elena

Episode 4 Eng Sub: I Wish I Was Someone Else

Episode 5 Eng Sub: Crazy Enemies

Episode 6 Eng Sub: Gatherers

Episode 7 Eng Sub: Metamorphosis

Episode 8 Eng Sub: Shadows in Memory

Episode 9 Eng Sub: Staked Claims

Episode 10 Eng Sub: Beautiful Flower

Episode 11 Eng Sub: The Price of Resolve

Episode 12 Eng Sub: Where the Promise Was Made