Hasande Ageru Eng Sub

Hasande Ageru Eng Sub
Japanese Title:
Hasande Ageru

Hasan de Ageru

Each episode comprises two completely unrelated stories. The first story of the first episode tells of an aggressive Yaiko who caught her classmate Hokuto in a rather awkward situation in the classroom. Thus, Yaiko can now force him to grant her most secret desires. In the second story, Rimu wants to lose weight by having sex with her boyfriend Masaki—this calls for full commitment! In the second episode, the high-jumper Keika receives help from Makiyama that is not only sports-related. In the story following that, the young salaryman Tanabe and swimming coach Mikako find each other …

Adult, Ecchi

Summer 2018


All episodes as a stream:
Episode 1 Eng Sub: Volume 1

Episode 2 Eng Sub: Volume 2