Hardcore Hospital Eng Dub

Hardcore Hospital Eng Dub
Japanese Title:
Shiroki Tenshitachi no Rondo

English Title:
Hardcore Hospital

Ring of White Angels, Shiroki Tenshi-tachi no Rondo

At Date General Hospital, the nurses don’t just make you feel better – they make you feel pleasure beyond anything you’ve ever imagined. Dr. Date, the hospital’s director, is personally in charge of this hand-picked team of “special nurses”, whom he trains in every seductive and sexual “therapy” technique: Saeko is the vivacious veteran… Minako is the hot and busty new recruit… and Sayaka is the sweet and innocent virgin. Combined with his homemade stamina drugs, these ladies can keep going, and going…

But sometimes his nurses are reluctant to delve into the murkier side of the profession. That’s when Dr. Date has to take control… and his hardcore techniques will ensure that they’re ready and willing to explore every part of a patient’s body!

Adult, Adventure, Drama, Ecchi, Psychological, Violence

Fall 2002


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