Isekai Quartet Eng Sub

Isekai Quartet Eng Sub
Japanese Title:
Isekai Quartet

English Title:
Isekai Quartet

“Isekai” anime – anime whose main characters are transported from the normal world into a fantasy world – have become so widespread that “Isekai” can already be seen as a setting of its own. Their protagonists are among the most famous characters of the anime scene and their adventures range from legendary conquests as in Overlord or Saga of Tanya the Evil to heartily stupid everyday quests that don’t seem to serve any greater purpose as in KonoSuba! Each of these “Isekais” follows their own rules, but what if all of a sudden several of these “other worlds” meet?

This is exactly what Isekai Quartet is all about: a cross-over anime in which the characters from Overlord, Saga of Tanya the Evil, KonoSuba and Re:Zero are lumped together!

Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, School

Spring 2019


All episodes as a stream:
Episode 1 Eng Sub: Come Together! Quartet

Episode 2 Eng Sub: Tension! Introductions

Episode 3 Eng Sub: Deadlock! Classmates

Episode 4 Eng Sub: Encounter! Classmates

Episode 5 Eng Sub: Explosion! Talent Show

Episode 6 Eng Sub: Decision! Class Rep

Episode 7 Eng Sub: Carry Out! Class Rep

Episode 8 Eng Sub: Prepare! Field Trip

Episode 9 Eng Sub: Enjoy! Field Trip

Episode 10 Eng Sub: Join In! Rivals

Episode 11 Eng Sub: Work Together! Field Day

Episode 12 Eng Sub: Band Together! Quartet