Lilitales Eng Sub

Lilitales Eng Sub
Japanese Title:

Lunalie is a knight en route to save her kidnapped princess, Jill. To obtain information about the Princess Jill, Lunalie sells herself to a slave trader. At about the same time, Princess Jill is held captive by other slave traders in the underground of the city. She is to be auctioned off at the slave auction and as she is still a virgin, she is deemed particularly valuable fare. Lunalie’s attempts to find the princess ultimately result in her becoming a sex slave in the hands of the villains, just like her princess. Cless’ attempt to help ends with her being captured as well and she quickly finds herself turned into a sex slave just like Jill and Lunalie. Fighting against Grims remains an absolutely impossible task for the three fighters in every respect. Suddenly, however, Airi shows up next to the captured Jill …

Adult, Ecchi

Spring 2018


All episodes as a stream:
Episode 1 Eng Sub: Silver Knightess in Captivity

Episode 2 Eng Sub: Sacrificed to Scorpion

Episode 3 Eng Sub: Bloodline of Lust Demon

Episode 4 Eng Sub: Vagrant Dancer