Million Arthur Eng Sub

Wangan Midnight Eng Sub
Japanese Title:
Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur

English Title:
Million Arthur

Operation Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur, Hangyakusei Million Arthur

Tales of old speak of the legends of Excalibur, a sacred sword. The sword is wielded by those who are worthy of its power, bestowing them extraordinary strength and granting them the title of Arthur. However, a divine miracle results in the creation of multiple Excaliburs, thus distorting the fabric of time.

Aiming to revert time to its original course, a group of six Arthurs composed of Danchou, Renkin, Kakka, Yamaneko, Tekken, and Rurou are sent back in time when the abnormal Excaliburs were spawned. They are assigned with one sole task: to destroy the Excaliburs of the past—all of which total up to one million.

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen

Fall 2018


All episodes as a stream:
Episode 1 Eng Sub: Rebel into the Past

Episode 2 Eng Sub: The Forbidden Sacred Sword

Episode 3 Eng Sub: Fists of Fury

Episode 4 Eng Sub: With Love from the Sacred Land

Episode 5 Eng Sub: A Rotten Art

Episode 6 Eng Sub: The Arthur Who Fished for Stars

Episode 7 Eng Sub: Rosebud

Episode 8 Eng Sub: Call Us Magical Girls

Episode 9 Eng Sub: Within the Beautiful Light

Episode 10 Eng Sub: Despair for the Future