Niizuma Koyomi The Animation Eng Sub

Niizuma Koyomi The Animation Eng Sub
Japanese Title:
Niizuma Koyomi The Animation

Soushirou is about to graduate college, but at this point he still hasn’t found his calling professionaly speaking, that is till he admires a vase made by a famous potter. That’s Soushirou’s calling, the work of art captivates him so much that he immediately makes a vow to become a potter under that famous artist’s tutetalage.

Soushirou is accepted as a disiciple, with that Soushirou moves from Tokyo to a quite and cozy rural prefecture to live and learn with his master; there is where Soushirou will find love and marry while he develops his skills, becoming a worthy successor to his master.

Adult, Ecchi

Summer 2018


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Episode 1 Eng Sub: TBA