One Punch Man 2 Eng Dub

One Punch Man 2 Eng Dub
Japanese Title:
One Punch Man Season 2 Eng Dub

English Title:
One Punch Man 2 Eng Dub

German Title:
One Punch Man 2 Eng Dub

One Punch Man Staffel 2, OPM2 Eng Dub

Saitama is back and the anime adaptation of the “One-Punch Man” manga goes into its second round! The fight against Boros has been won and although Saitama defeated him as usual, the fight was a lot of fun for him, because unlike all his opponents so far, Boros could take more than one blow. Once again, however, he couldn’t gain recognition for his fight against the boss of the invaders from space, because all the other heroes were too busy with Boros’ subordinates to notice what was going on inside the ship—and on the moon. A City has been destroyed, but it’s now been replaced by the new headquarters of the Hero Association, and the heroes will soon be back to work, as a far darker contemporary than ever before is making a name for himself—the Hero Hunter!

Who is this madman who aims to kill one hero after another …? And what does Bang have to do with him?

Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial-Art, SciFi, Seinen, Supernatural, Superpower, Violence

Spring 2019


All episodes as a stream:
Episode 1 Eng Dub: Return of the Hero

Episode 2 Eng Dub: Human Monster

Episode 3 Eng Dub: The Hunt Begins

Episode 4 Eng Dub: Metal Bat

Episode 5 Eng Dub: Martial Arts Tournament

Episode 6 Eng Dub: The Uprising of the Monsters

Episode 7 Eng Dub: Class S Heroes

Episode 8 Eng Dub: The Strong Ones Fight Back

Episode 9 Eng Dub: The Ultimate Dilemma

Episode 10 Eng Dub: The Encircling Net of Justice

Episode 11 Eng Dub: Everyone's Dignity

Episode 12 Eng Dub: Cleaning Up the Disciple's Mess