Songs Connection Eng Dub

Songs Connection Eng Dub
Japanese Title:
Actors: Songs Connection

English Title:
Songs Connection

In Actors: Songs Connection we follow the students of the private school Tenshou Gakuen, the seventh of ten highly regulated school districts of the Slive Central Group. Surrounded by gigantic walls, access to and exit from the school grounds are generally prohibited, unless you are part of the administration. With such a private school—one that operates completely independently from the government—it is hardly a surprise that the strangest of regulations can be found there …

The students of the Tenshou Gakuen naturally have the opportunity to join one of the school clubs after class and take part in its activities, but even then competitive thinking is encouraged! Each club is ranked based on points and the clubs can earn these points via various club activities and school events. And there is one event that all students and clubs wouldn’t want to miss: the regular Tenshou Gakuen Singing Competition! Because in this competition there is more to win than just points for the clubs …

Musik, School

Fall 2019


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