The Familiar of Zero F Eng Sub

The Familiar of Zero F Eng Sub

Japanese Title:
Zero no Tsukaima F

English Title:
The Familiar of Zero F

Zero no Tsukaima 4, Zero no Tsukaima: Final Series

Queen Henrietta has a mission for Saito and Louise once again. She sends them to the pope, who has both Louise and Tiffania become holy maidens. And with all the interruptions around, by both friends and foes, Louise and Saito’s love will be tested to the limit.

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Magic, Military, Romance

Winter 2012


All episodes as a stream:

Episode 1 Eng Sub: Louise of the Holy Kingdom

Episode 2 Eng Sub: The Priestess of Aquaria

Episode 3 Eng Sub: The Insanity of the King of Ignorance

Episode 4 Eng Sub: The Queen`s Reward

Episode 5 Eng Sub: De Ornielle's Maidens

Episode 6 Eng Sub: A Chaotic Hot Spring

Episode 7 Eng Sub: Elf of the Desert

Episode 8 Eng Sub: Underground Waterway for Escape

Episode 9 Eng Sub: Tabitha's Coronation

Episode 10 Eng Sub: Awakening of a Natural Disaster

Episode 11 Eng Sub: Louise's Choice

Episode 12 Eng Sub: The Familiar Of Zero